Monday, February 25, 2008

Wow, I've been gone a while!!!!

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I posted anything. My friend Jadey sent me a comment that was delivered to my email and that's what prompted me to check out my blog and I saw that it's been nearly two months since I posted anything.

Well, things have been insanely crazy lately. My grandmother passed away right before Christmas and things just haven't been right ever since then. Not only has my family been grieving the loss, but we're also dealing with my greedy mother cheating us (my sister and brother and I) out of our inheritance and other things....long story that I don't want to get too much into.

I went to court the beginning of this month and got my visitation reestablished with my daughter....unfortunately, I'm still waiting on the official court order.

My son is growing like a weed and is getting so smart. It's amazing watching him grow and learn new things every day. He can now say "hi" and "bye-bye" and knows what they mean. He's also managed to say his version of Bella and Frankie (our dogs) and they know when he's talking to them. It's too cute!!

Speaking of the dogs, Frankie is a new addition to our family. We got him around my birthday (January 19). He's a full-blooded Bassett Hound. Bella is a Beagle. They have the exact same coloring. They get alone well for the most part -- Frankie likes to try to steal Bella's food and she let's him know who's boss! They are both great with my son though.

My husband started a new job a little over a month ago on drilling oil wells. He works a week out of town and then is off a week. It was really hard at first, but I'm getting used to it. The weeks he's gone seem to go by pretty fast so far -- but that's probably because I've been so busy. He comes home tomorrow night and I can't wait!!!!

Oh and probably one of the biggest changes is that I'm starting my own business. I've been sort of looking into online business opportunities for a while now. Most are scams and the ones that aren't scams, aren't really anything that I want to do. It seems like nearly everything out there is network marketing.....and from my experience, you end up spending more time recruiting new members than actually selling a product. I don't like that. Anyway, I've found something that I think I will really enjoy and that I will be good at. I'm starting a home-based travel agency. And it's not one of those you see advertised everywhere. I really did my homework and found a legitimate host agency that has lots of experience and is a member of NACTA (National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents). I contacted some of the agents working for this company (and there is no commission on getting referrals!) and they all had wonderful things to say. I'm still learning a lot, but have gone through training for about 2 weeks now. I'm ready to start booking!!!! Woo hoo! It's so exciting. I have a website where people can book their own travel ( or you can contact me by email ( for more information. I'm working on getting an 800 number as well as some business cards. I've got some really great deals to offer, so if you're interested, please let me know!!!

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I miss all you guys, so hit me up if you wanna chat!!!! Laters!!!

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